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Pottery Barn IN The Summit UM WOAH! I DID A THING

Pop UpsVictoria GressComment

Two SATURDAYS AGO because I clearly have a hard time working technology!

Anyway.... I still can't believe it........ I was in the Pottery Barn at The Summit at Fritz Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Like someone pinch me. NO, seriously, if you asked me 10 years ago if this is where I pictured my life, I would likely have laughed and thought "wow are you sure, you have the right girl?".  I mean after-all 10 years ago I was in the Ag College at the University of Kentucky dreaming of Vet School applications. What an amazing journey it has been to this point.(INSERT ALL THE UPS AND DOWNS OF LIFE... MAYBE A LATER POST?) A college major switch to Art Education and here we are, venturing into the Pop Up Market world!

Back to the Pottery Barn event.... It went off without a hitch. Except for starting a few minutes behind schedule because for once in my life I under estimated time. Like that never happens, I'm 2 hours early to everything. The staff was very helpful and wonderful as I was a tad nervous from running late and running this one (wo)man operation solo..... but I find it to be such a breath of fresh air that such a large corporation makes it a point to reach out to the locals in the community and give them a leg up by allowing them to host an event inside their store.  It means so much to have that personal touch when business's of that caliber can feel so big sometimes. I am so thankful they are in touch with what happens in the local community. Pottery Barn has my "shop local" stamp of approval.  Which by the way I needed little convincing of that after sitting in there for five hours.... Let's be honest, I had my Pinterest dream home gutted, designed and renovated in that time frame plus a guest house and vacation rental, so who am I kidding. IT WAS AMAZING!! 

So any local businesses or small businesses that don't have a store front you should get in contact with Pottery Barn because the sales were worth it and I had a lot of fun, plus they have very comfy furniture to sit on during your down time! Which with good traffic there was little down time, so that was a plus. I also almost completely sold out of my Kentucky Mugs, head over to the shop page for there are only a few left.


1. Always keep cash on hand in small bills in your kit ready to go! So that on the morning of or like 20 minutes after you've started you aren't having to call your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.... But seriously who uses cash these days?! Inevitably you don't have it someone will pay with it!

2. WIFI.... I'm cheap when it comes to staying finacially on track. So spending extra on a cell phone plan seemed silly to me. Yep I'm the girl that used wifi for everything so why not just pay for 1G of data.  Coupon queen, yes that's still a thing these days. Like you can double those babies, use the paper kind plus the electronic kind. But back to the wifi... pay for that extra data because nothing is worse than getting home and realizing someones card didn't process. Most point of sales apps/devices.... will run sales when the wifi is off (which most places don't have wifi) and then when you get wifi again they will clear the sale but why cause yourself the headache of waiting hours when you could do it right when the customer is there. Makes me feel better anyway. So you can use your phone to tether to a device by spending a few extra dollar a month on your cell phone plan. Or simply pay for extra data to use your phone to process cards. I use Square and it plugs right into my phone. You can write it off on your taxes and it will save you the headache of an unprocessed card when you get home. WIN-WIN

Hope these help, now go make those sales!

Thanks for sticking with me as I figure out technology.


(insert paw print emoji here)