Running With Color Art

Creating memories through art lessons, birthday parties and customizable artwork!

Why donate to a small business?

-For every $100 spent locally $68 returns to community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. However if you spend that same amount in a national chain only $43 returns to the community. A donation will allow for even more than $68 to return to the community as they are tax deductible and you are essentially skipping the middle man and knowing exactly where your money is going and what it will help.

Make a contribution and the proceeds will help to provide resources for a small business; such as studio space for more workshops, utilities to keep these classes going, supplies for kids art classes and much much more.  See our collaborations tab as your donation could impact the community even further as I give back to a number of local organizations through purchases as well.

Running a small business can be tough but made possible with your help through not only purchases and donations but also your support at events and word of mouth around the community.  I am all about making personal connections, so if you feel weird making a donation I completely get it, moral support is the best donation. I don't say that to sound cheesy but it's true. It can be tough being an entrepreneur running a business solely on your own and it helps to have moral support as well!  Send an email or call me and I'd be happy to let you know just what your money would be going towards if donating seems to be the best fit for you.

For example: Say you donate $5.  With that I can buy 4 tubes of paint for coffee mugs and say Sally hears about me on the Lexington Humane Society's web site and clicks that option at check out.  Now Sally spends $140 for a set of four customizable coffee mugs and I will donate 5% back to the Lexington Humane Society which is $7. Not only did your money almost double and give to Running With Color Art and to the Lexington Humane Society but those tubes of paint last for about 3-4 sets of coffee mugs. So you keep on giving!

Click the contact tab for more details.

In the future I hope to give on a grander scale and sell artwork to do missions work and provide more homes for animals but for now you are helping those dreams come true!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless act of giving.

Best regards,

Tori (Victoria)