Black Lab painted on a coffee mug, pet portrait coffee mug, paint my pet on a mug
painted pet portrait from my photos onto coffee mug
Hand Painted Glassware
Hand Painted Glassware

Hand Painted Glassware

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Have a pet and need a unique GIFT? 

Let me create a hand painted wine glass, bourbon glass or coffee mug from their pets picture. Better yet get one for yourself.

PHOTOS: Front facing or side profile and i'll paint the head and neck. I just paint the pet no surrounding decorations. With the option to add font (their name).

EMAIL: Send the photo+ pets name+ your first and last name and any instructions like no collar or mouth closed to (provide two pictures the one you want painted and then an example of the mouth closed if there are any special requests). No special instructions? I will paint directly what I see in the photograph cropped to a head and neck style portrait.  

SELECTION: 1 pet per item ONLY

Coffee mugs, wine glasses & bourbon glasses. 

TIMELINE: 3-4 weeks from the receipt of payment + your photo, to in studio pick up (Lexington) or ship date. (longer during holiday seasons)

Tax and shipping extra

SHIPPING: Usually 10-15$ (ESTIMATE) within the US 

Rush Fee:$20 to get back sooner, email inquiry only. (doesn't affect the quality, I will just schedule more work time to make yours a priority if I have the time in my schedule)


Running With Color Art LLC owns all the rights to the artwork for reproduction & marketing purposes.