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Creating memories through art lessons, birthday parties and customizable artwork!

Yes, dry shampoo is my BFF! Can’t ya tell?

Hi Gang! It’s me, Tori. When I’m not painting you can usually find me snuggling, my cat, Poppy or giving, my pony, Liam a good bit of TLC because I might as well own a pig not a pony. He rarely stays clean. He must take after his momma.


I’ll get the “time-line” out of the way but just so we are CLEAR… I’d rather be telling you about my pets(Poppy & Liam), my family, friends and all things cozy, outdoorsy and travel related.

First things first. I grew up in the small town of Noblesville,Indiana. I say this lightly because it’s actually one of fastest growing cities in the US. For all intensive purposes, it was very small for me because I lived in a bubble of art and horses. I started off in a tiny Victorian house in downtown. Literally seeing the historic court houses’ clock from my tiny bedroom window. If there are two things you should know about me it’s that I’m extremely nostalgic and sentimental(writing is not a strong suit, but I do know those are basically the same word…synonyms). Anyway, I was also shy as a kid. I really clung to animals for a sense of comfort. I lived and breathed horses and later moved to the other end of Noblesville to the family farm. I hated school, so much I’d fake being sick to skip and ride horses. (sorry mom and dad) Funny, I later left Indy for Lexington in 2008, to pursue being a teacher. I went to UK and and graduated with an Art Education Degree in 2013. I still didn’t love the thought of being in the land of academics but I loved teaching subjects that interested me. Why fit in when you can stand out, I thought. So that’s when it all started in the spring of 2014 with Running With Color Art.

Listen I had ZERO clue as to what this business entailed at the start but “I just went for it”! Trudging one step at a time. Sometimes a few backwards before forwards but at last I’m still here and showing up is half the battle. It started as a gallery on Instagram and has blossomed into far more than I could have ever imagined. Now, becoming a business of many “hats”.

That’s also the story of my list of hobbies. I have a lot of “hats” I like to wear. Like…Skiing, hiking, swimming, biking, climbing, riding horses, running (HA, NEVER), reading books (the self help kind), bible journaling, scrap booking, decorating, DIY projects galore and needlepoint (someday). Should I keep going? You get the gist. If there were more hours in a day I’d fill them! But back to my business and the many “hats”.

I knew a business model that was solely one way or the other just wouldn’t satisfy me. I’ve always beat to a different drummer, or so my mother says. So I have incorporated a bunch of small outlets within my business to create a well rounded vibe for all walks of life. I teach private art classes (Drawing and Painting) in my tiny, cozy SHE shed. It has the most quaint and idyllic atmosphere which is perfect for being creative. I also bring workshops to you in your home with Girls Night “IN”. A crash course, to get your feet wet, with the artsy side of life. Then let’s round out that teaching piece with kids creative birthday parties! Yes, that’s right I offer something for all ages. I paint and draw custom artwork from photographs for YOU as well!

But before I go I have to give you one last tidbit of information that is near and dear to my heart. Giving back! This isn’t an insert to brag on my character. In fact, as I type this, I so desperately want to SELECT ALL and DELETE because writing about this doesn’t seem genuine to an act that is just that! Maybe it’s because we don’t often share about our experiences of giving back but I want to do so in an effort to fuel your heart in the same way giving back fuels mine. I make time for what fuels me and putting a smile on the faces of others does just that. Whether it’s picking up a paint brush and teaching a free art class for On The Move Art Studio, donating prints to an auction to raise money for animals or people in need or packing bags at Christmas time for children in Kentucky that might not get the Christmas they so desperately deserve. As much as I pray these situations in life didn’t exist, the kids without a christmas or the over abundance of animals that need a loving home. I’m so glad I get to be a part of them. Not just because it fuels me but because of what it does for other. Makes everyone happy, spreads cheer and develops relationships we might of never had to opportunity to encounter.

SO that’s a wrap.

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Later Gator,